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Wellness Development Practitioner

Cee is a bilingual Senior Corporate VP, turned certified Holistic Wellness and Forgiveness Coach. A Yoga and Meditation instructor, and Doula.  Her professional mission involves collaborating with individuals and communities to enhance their well-being across the five essential elements: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions, and Finances, emboldening them to foster a sustainable life, marked by increased peace and balance. Her practices focus on cultivating harmony within and with others, developing mindfulness, spiritual connections and financial independence.

Dewbien Plummer

Yoga Instructor

Dewbien is a Keynote Speaker, author, and certified Yoga & Yoga Trapeze Instructor. Her practice specialises in empowering others to unlock the transformative potential of body-centred therapy and mindfulness. Through the use of movement, meditation, and breath, she guides individuals in managing and reducing stress, cultivating mindfulness, finding their inner strength, and thriving on the path to overall well-being.

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Silvana Joseph-Husbands

Project Assistant

Silvana manages all our initiatives to bring Clients to a space of wellbeing and harmony. She enjoys helping others to retool and pivot in life so they can create a brighter future. She firmly believes that it is imperative to pursue the best opportunities in life to strive and flourish in them.  As such she does her best to facilitate growth within the healing haven projects that she manages.

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