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Our Mission

Halcyon Holistic Wellness creates havens and products to develop your Holistic Wellbeing. We foster a culture that prioritizes self-care, and self-awareness, placing special emphasis on personal growth and healing in the context of self love, and navigating relationship challenges.

Our Method

Find Peace Of Mind

Our approach focuses on finding peace of mind through meditation, counseling, and therapeutic modalities. Our experienced practitioners use a range of techniques to help clients release emotional pain and find inner peace.

Nurture Your Body

We believe in treating the body as a temple. Our havens offer nutritious meals, yoga, and wellness experiences to help clients achieve physical and emotional balance.

Connect with Your True Self

We believe that spiritual growth is essential for overall well-being. We  offer workshops, retreats, coaching and activities that allow clients to tap into their inner wisdom and connect with their higher selves.

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Cee, is the Co-Founder of Halcyon Holistic Wellness Corp. After completing a Law Degree, she pursued a career in Investment Banking for over 18 yrs.  Drawing from her own healing journey, she now passionately creates spaces for others' wellness. Through recovery retreats, workshops, and diverse modalities like mindset coaching, sound therapy, yoga, and meditation, she ignites connections with individuals, enabling them to transform and sustain holistic well-being across mind, body, spirit, emotions, and finances. Join her in cultivating your connected and best self, as she shares an array of tools honed from a rich background spanning Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean.

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Keeks, is Co-Founder of Halcyon Holistic Wellness Corp. and Founder of Halcyon Holistic Wellness Products. He curates a haven for you to enjoy unique, handmade, and natural merchandise and is committed to eco-friendliness. Halcyon Holistic Wellness Products selects ingredients with utmost natural and environmental consideration to elevate the mind, body, spirit, emotions, and home.

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