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Privacy Policy

Halcyon Holistic Wellness (“COMPANY”) has created this Privacy Policy in order to inform you of COMPANY’s commitment to privacy. The following discloses COMPANY’s information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web Site (the “Site”). COMPANY and related subsidiaries, divisions, and affiliates (collectively, “COMPANY Group”), may have other websites which may contain their own applicable privacy policies. Your visits to those sites will be governed by the privacy policies, if any, that govern those sites. PLEASE REVIEW THIS PRIVACY POLICY BEFORE USING THIS SITE IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY, DO NOT — USE THE SITE. THIS PRIVACY POLICY GOVERNS THE — USE OF THE WEB SITE AND APPLIES TO ANY INFORMATION YOU MAY SUBMIT TO THIS WEB SITE. BY SUBMITTING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO THE SITE, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY. Your use of this Site and the terms of this Privacy Policy are also subject to the Terms of Use Please review those Terms of Use for additional detail regarding your use of this Site. GENERAL INFORMATION IP Addresses and Cookies Generally speaking, you may visit the Site while remaining anonymous and not revealing any personal information. COMPANY uses your IP address to help diagnose problems with the Site servers, to administer the Site, to monitor Site usage, and to gather broad demographic information. Your IP address is used to help identify you and to aid in your navigation through the Site as determined by your customisation options, if any. COMPANY also may aggregate the IP address with other information to create anonymous Site statistics. COMPANY does not, however, use your IP address to collect personal information about you. This Site also uses “cookies” to provide customisation options at login, or to keep track of where you are in the Site in order to provide the correct customisation options when you use the Site. COMPANY also uses cookies to allow you to use features or services that you decide to select, or to keep track of usage services or links provided on the Site. COMPANY does not, however, use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. Submission of Personal Information Certain portions of the Site may require that you submit some personal information, such as your name and email address, before using those portions of the Site. At minimum, you are typically required to register with the Site and provide your name or email address before using any of the members only areas of the Site. For some services, such as accessing any support or download sections, or registering for events, you may have to create an account, and submit additional personal information such as your mailing address. You may also be required to submit information such as your name and email address before you will be authorised to post information on the Site. You may set your browser to decline cookies. Although in some cases you may refuse cookies and still fully navigate our Site, access or use of certain parts of the Site may not be possible without the use of cookies. Use of Personal Information COMPANY may use personal information you submit to the Site to provide the services and information you select, to better understand its customers, to provide better products and services, and to assist COMPANY with the Site administration, such as with troubleshooting any problems, detecting fraud, resolving disputes, and for any purposes deemed necessary or required by COMPANY to enforce the Terms of Use and other terms or conditions applicable to any portion of the Site. COMPANY also uses this information to send you information about COMPANY, COMPANY Group, or other topics COMPANY thinks may be of interest to you, such as product information or updates. As part of its business, COMPANY works with COMPANY Group as well as other authorised partners, such as authorised resellers, to provide you with the services and information described above. As part of those activities, COMPANY may share your information with those authorised entities so that they can directly provide the information or services to you. Third Parties COMPANY does not sell to third parties information you have submitted to this Site that identifies you personally. On occasion, COMPANY may offer in conjunction with third parties certain services that may require you (or COMPANY) to share your personal information with that third party as a condition for providing that service. While COMPANY will treat any information it receives in accordance with this Privacy Policy, COMPANY will not be responsible for the information submitted by you to that third party, and COMPANY reminds you to review the applicable rules and any third party’s applicable privacy policies separately before participating in such service. Declining Information You can always change your mind; see the Accept/Decline section below. Please note that it may take us a reasonable amount of time to implement your request, but once we do, we will no longer use and/or process your personal information. COMPANY reserves the right to keep a blocked copy of your personal information for the maximum term permitted under applicable law. Even if you decline to receive information or cancel any account or profile, COMPANY reserves the right to maintain and, where necessary, use the personal information you previously provided to contact you about legal or regulatory administrative matters relating to your use of any portion of the Site, your account, or about any issues relating to the Terms of Use this Privacy Policy, or any other policy then in-effect, but only to the extent that such use is necessary for the resolution of any open issues that may exist after you have declined to receive information or cancelled your account or profile. NOTICE TO EUROPEAN — USERS Please note that the information you enter on the Site or otherwise provide to COMPANY or COMPANY Group, may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area, for purposes of processing, by a third party company, or its subsidiaries or divisions, or authorised partners, located worldwide, including countries which may not offer an equivalent level of protection to that required in the European Union, in order to provide this Site and its services to you. You are further advised that the Council of the European Union has found that this model does not provide “adequate” privacy protections as contemplated by Article 25 of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive. (Directive 95/46/EC, 1995 O.J. (L 281) 31) Article 26 of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive allows for transfer of personal data from the European Union to a third country if the individual has unambiguously given his consent to the transfer of personal information, regardless of the third country’s level of protection. By agreeing to this Policy, you consent to the transfer of all such information to the United States and other countries which may not offer an equivalent level of protection to that required in the European Union and to the processing of that information as described in this Policy. Law Enforcement and Posted Information Exceptions One exception to this Privacy Policy is that COMPANY may provide information you submit to this Site to law enforcement authorities. As noted in the Terms of Use COMPANY and COMPANY Group intend to cooperate with any order or request from law enforcement officials or a court of competent jurisdiction for information as to the identity of individuals submitting or posting information to COMPANY or on this Site. Such orders or requests supersede the terms of this Privacy Policy. Another exception applies to any information you decide to post in one of the Site’s public forums. Aggregation and Use of Anonymous Data COMPANY does aggregate all information provided by you to create anonymous statistical and demographic data. This anonymous data helps COMPANY to understand and know its customer base better. That anonymous data may be provided to third parties but never in such a fashion as to identify you personally. Public Forums for Posted Information Certain portions of the Site are designed to offer you the opportunity to post information on the Site, including but not limited to information about yourself (“Posted Information”): For example, you may be permitted to post your client information on the Site, or post messages, subscribe to mailing lists, and/or news groups this Site makes available to its users. Please remember that any Posted Information becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. If you decide to post any information, that Posted Information is exempt from this Privacy Policy. COMPANY may use personal information that is contained in Posted Information to contact you in the event that an issue or dispute arises about any posted information. Links to Other Sites and Advertising This Site contains links to other sites not operated by COMPANY. COMPANY is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those web sites, nor is COMPANY responsible for the separate COMPANY Group web-sites. Please be sure to review the privacy policies of those sites. This Site may display advertisements and/or links to third parties. These advertisements or links may contain cookies placed by those third parties. COMPANY is not responsible for those advertisements, the web sites to which they are linked, or how any other linked sites, may use their own cookies or information. For example, cookies received with banner ads may be collected by the company posting the ad on our Site. Again, please refer to that company’s privacy policy for further information. CHILDREN No portion of the Site is directed at children (defined as individuals age 18 and under) nor are children encouraged to use the Site. COMPANY does not knowingly solicit any personal information about children. SECURITY  General Issues This Site can only protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Since the Site under general usage does not collect financial information, COMPANY uses third parties for collection of payments and standard internet connections for those general usage portions of the Site, without secured sockets.  Specific Services This Site may provide certain additional, optional services that may use additional security measures to protect the information, such as financial information, provided by you to obtain the service. Those additional security measures may vary, depending upon the particular service offered. You will be informed of any specific security measures at the time you use a particular service. Please review that information for further detail. Site Registration  In some cases, you may be prompted to register with the Site to undertake a particular Site activity or obtain a particular service. As part of that registration, you may be asked to choose your own password. COMPANY reminds you to protect your password, and not provide it to others to use. Allowing others to access and use your account and password can compromise the security of your information. COMPANY disclaims any responsibility or obligation for your decision to provide your password to others. Access by means of such password will at all times be deemed made by you, and you will be responsible for any such access. You will at all times be responsible for the security and confidentiality of your password and will be liable for any damages caused by any unauthorised use, disclosure or loss of such password. You will be responsible for any access to your account and damages arising therefrom prior to reception of such notification by COMPANY. CHANGES TO THIS POLICY If and when COMPANY makes changes to this Site, COMPANY may have to update this Privacy Policy to better reflect those changes. But no update to this Privacy Policy will, in itself, alter the choice you already made about how COMPANY can use your personal information without your consent (except where legally permitted). Because changes to this Site or updates to this Privacy Policy may occur, you should review this Privacy Policy from time to time. Remember, your decision to continue using this Site after this Privacy Policy is updated will signify that you have agreed to any new Privacy Policy terms. ACCEPT/DECLINE Typically you accept to receive communications when you submit information to the Site. If you wish to remove your information from the Site registration database and no longer receive future communications or use any services, you may do so through any of the methods described below. Please note that it may take us a reasonable amount of time to process your request. 1. You can send an email to for assistance in deleting/changing your prior selections. CORRECT/UPDATE This Site gives users the following options for changing and modifying information previously provided. 1. You can send an email to for assistance in deleting/changing your prior selections.  DISCLAIMERS COMPANY intends to take reasonable precautions to abide by this Privacy Policy. Nevertheless, in the event that COMPANY does not comply with all terms contained in this Privacy Policy, you agree by using this Site and by submitting information to this Site that your sole and exclusive remedy against COMPANY (or COMPANY Group) will be to have COMPANY promptly correct the handling of your information in the future to accord with this Privacy Policy, and to notify anyone to whom COMPANY directly transferred any information of the correct information or to cease using such information. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, COMPANY AND COMPANY GROUP DISCLAIM ANY OTHER OBLIGATION, LIABILITY, OR WARRANTY TO YOU FOR ANY OTHER ACTION, INACTION, OMISSION, OR OTHER ACTIVITY THAT IS NOT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY, ITS TERMS, OR ITS DISCLAIMERS THEN YOU SHOULD NOT — USE THIS SITE. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHALL COMPANY, COMPANY GROUP, AND/OR THEIR SUPPLIERS OR LICENSORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, ECONOMIC OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF DATA OR LOSS OF — USE DAMAGES OR LOST PROFITS) (WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT) ARISING OUT OF OR CONNECTED WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY, OR THE FAILURE OF COMPANY, COMPANY GROUP, OR THEIR SUPPLIERS OR LICENSORS TO ADHERE TO IT, EVEN IF COMPANY, COMPANY GROUP, AND/OR LICENSORS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ANY DAMAGES. BECA– USE SOME STATES/JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. IN SUCH STATES/JURISDICTIONS, THIS SECTION SHALL ONLY APPLY TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW. Website Terms of Use Information

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